A tough method of sticking nails

- Jul 05, 2017-

Nail stickers are never out of age nail elements, would like to learn how to paste drill it?

Paste is one of the indispensable elements of nail. But a lot of MM will be posted in the time when there are many problems, nail stickers posted how good paste? What are the steps for nail stickers? Nail stickers how stickers can be more solid? Nail stickers how to unload? Xiaobian for you to collect the latest nail stickers drill pictures and nail stickers drill method skills, take a look at it

Nail paste drill, simply in the nail on the glue, the sparkling glory can make nail more charm. Different colors of nail can be used with different colors of the diamond.

Nail stickers stickers how much good? It depends on personal preferences, like a simple low-key style MM can only paste one or two diamond embellishment, like gorgeous noble style of MM can be posted more to make your fingers more shiny.