How do clean my used nail brush?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Use gel detergent or alcohol instead.

Nails use the brush, if it is dust brush, put it in clean water can be cleaned, soak for a while, dust will come out, use for a long time, you can replace a new one. If it is Manicure painted or what phototherapy brush, paibi what you see is what pigment used, if acrylic paint can clean up water, if it is phototherapy glue, or what is the crystal powder, when no dry cloth to wipe clean, then put in the resurrection of the water inside the glue discharging. Sponge blocks and printing machines can be purchased online or locally where nail tools are available. Sponge block, in fact, do not buy, you can find a suitable point on their own.

1 use soft, weak soap to clean the hands of the skin, and use a nail brush or a small toothbrush to wash nails and nails around difficult to clean parts.

2, choose dead skin cream or body scrub to the hands of the skin to a deep cleansing, and then clean with water.

3, finally give your hands a detailed massage, and put on hand cream.