How do you make your nails long?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Finish the nail moment is particularly short hands, do you doing it? Want to look hand long, white hand, is not just pick a favorite pattern on the line.

Like a sticker in general nail pattern, pay attention to blank, the color is only bright red, hands long and white! In fact, compared to those 3D nail and countless pendant fantasy nail, this stickers of the nail is best suited to like "simple" you!

The color can actually be more, but remember to stay blank, nude more fashion, Jolin hand hand is simply beautiful to breathe!

Not like a lot of nail, although just finished a good look, but over a long nail looks a long time will be so embarrassing. This kind of "stickers" section of the nail, even if there is a new nail grow out is not surprising, but rather lining the nail more slender Oh!

The more simple the more beautiful

A variety of "stickers" nude any you pick!

Geometric lines ✦ ✰✦ ♡ ▲ free combination

Nail tide development to today, in the style of a variety of innovative, all kinds of cat's eye models, halo dye models, there are laser models have a gradual change, the next is to go from the simple time. A single color in the shape of the incomplete symmetry of the combination, really, looks cool.

Of course, you can use two colors to carry out the combination of lines, the same is not symmetrical beauty. Nail on the terminology, we called "jump color" ~

In fact, this is brown, not black, will not appear stiff, looks gentle and fresh, simple unconventional, the key can be perfect with your various Look ~

If you are not a girl like a black and white, you can choose white and brown as a base color like this, the blue, green, yellow and orange as a small area lit colors, must be small area. At the same time, you can use the diamond to increase the sense of fashion.

At home can also be Diy

Easy Get Sticky Nails!

At home can also be easy Diy nail tutorial offer! Not to go to the nail shop to spend money to change the United States Oh!

This style is simple, but really very fashionable, it is called more with less! The next day want to change the green try? Up to you!

Just can not get on it

Do not you wear sandals in summer?

Feet of the nail can bling a little of these models are very suitable for going to the beach playing, daily wear sandals exposed out will not blame. Most of the feet of the feet are more white than the hands of some, after all, perennial clutching, so the color can be a lot of selectivity. If it is not white feet, try not to choose the color of the color, select some of the more positive colors, will be a color.

Tips for nail care

Can not be lazy!

Care of the edge, anti-barbs

The best carry a bottle of small finger edge of the oil, the edge of the oil applied to the edge of the nail, with a small cotton swab gently pushed the softened dead skin. If not every month to patronize nail shop, he will have to go every week to exfoliate Oh ~

Bottom oil is not hurt armor, is armor

If you are not love to do nail baby, I suggest you can often coated a layer of armor base oil. Especially for some born nails a little ectopic, a bed wide, and more love to break the baby, long-term use armor oil can gradually improve these problems ~

When everyone is doing all kinds of complex to the nail, you can really do some personality and not too spending money style, after all, want to walk in the forefront of the trend, you need more fashion creativity!