How to choose nail tools?

- Jul 05, 2017-

If you want to create a beautiful hand Manicure, then a complete set of Manicure essential tools.

1. base oil, light oil

Before applying nail polish and nail polish, first apply a layer of base oil to protect the nails, and prevent pigmentation. After the nail polish is finished, then apply a layer of light oil, which is beneficial for the color to be more beautiful, and also to prevent the color from falling off.

2. diamond, bright powder

Diamond and bright powder are very popular coloured elements. In the transparent diamond layer, you can use colorful diamond and light powder collocation, this is nail polish quite good choice. If your hands are not smart enough, you don't have to worry. You can make a good result by sticking a diamond on a nail with a pointed tweezers. Or, can be directly on the market with the diamond paste can be used lewd, convenient and practical; and for ambidextrous people may also consider in diamond around plus a few plating beads, this effect can be more easily made show unique painting.


Drill a pen at 3.

This is a special tool for sticking clay, and its front end is sticky. This design helps to dip the diamond and avoid the mist on the surface of the diamond.

4. point bead pen

This is a tool for outlining lines that can be drawn by drawing dots.

5. wire penetration

With thin tape, easy to use it to paste the lines of the line, so as to draw a straight line.


6. armor oil

MM not only need to know how to use different nail paintings to produce beautiful pairs of nails, but also to know how to unload them cleanly and not to hurt their nails. Then you need to pick a good bottle of light water.