The tools needed for nail carving

- Jul 05, 2017-

Nail carving is one of the more complicated types of nail, so almost all of the nail products are used in carving.

The nail, nail tool, dead skin, skin softener, push, polishing or polishing skin cut block, dust brush, nail oil nutrition and decorative (drill, bow), pigment, scissors, tweezers, a carved pen, carved carved liquid, pollen, Manicure special glue etc.. You can see, nail carving almost applied to all nail products, through manual DIY can make the three-dimensional effect we want to express oh.

Every time I see the carved nails, are they feeling particularly tall? The fingertips are as beautiful and romantic as opening flowers, so the carving of nails makes many girls fondle admiringly.

1, clean hands, by pruning the Natural Nail Manicure tools;

2, a film for meticulous pruning, according to their own nail needs, a piece of cut, spare;

3, with some lighter than the color of the bright powder shop spread on the nail, with carved pollen to make a nail nail type;

4, after laying the bottom, began to use carved liquid and carved pen on a piece of carved;

5, according to the choice of color nail bed carved type, carved after the flowers back to flowers dotted the shiny core will be more beautiful oh;

6, after the carving is finished, cut off the excess part of the nail, and put some transparent powder, nail glue dedicated to the nail.