What are nail tools?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Nail tools are used to provide nail equipment, with the development of the nail industry, nail tools more and more professional, more and more varieties. What does nail kit include?

Crystal forceps: used only when making crystal nails, not with finger leather forceps, or it can easily cause the fracture of crystal nail.

Nail clippers: mainly used to cut all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails.

Finger scissors: used to cut off excess fingernails.

Plastic or mane brush: clean nails and crystal nails for hand care.

Nail file: used for trimming the edges of natural nails.

Sand stick: push finger, leather use.

Scissors: used for cutting fibers, such as nylon, silk, and fiberglass.

Tweezers: used to hold nails, diamonds, or clip fingernails so as to cut them.