What kind of glue will it be tough?

- Jul 05, 2017-

In the promotion of what glue before, first of all to the following questions to choose the right glue for the right.

 1) to determine whether the diamond plating layer, the specific diamond and what material sticky? Such as: PP / PVC / wood / metal bonding between

2) because the diamond itself is relatively small, so you can directly determine the small area of bonding.

3) to determine the specific resistance to the product after bonding capacity, that is, the specific bonding requirements (such as: bonding speed / colloid color / colloid viscosity / resistance to high and low temperature performance / bonding strength requirements).

4) to determine the amount of glue used in this product, and then determine the maximum cost of the product glue.

5) At this time can we accurately know and choose the right glue for your own.

6) Generally speaking, there is a special quick-drying glue and slow dry diamond glue; have a good bonding effect. But the cost of diamond glue is not low. Bonding strength is very good, to achieve the destructive force of the bonding surface.

7) usually quick-drying glue is immediately cured, but the appearance is not very beautiful; this operation will have a little relationship, the best words is recommended that you use slow dry glue glue, glue after curing a certain toughness,