Why is fingertips easy to fall off?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Why the nail polish fingertips easy to fall off For the beautiful, nail division will use a special fine sand and suede stick to give you polished fingernails, after such a "processing", you will find nails become more smooth, Every time you do nail, crush are willing to give nails polished.

Cause a clean not in place

Nail clean is not in place, the core part of the residual dust, resulting in the bottom of the package edge, not completely and nail adhesion.

Treatment: clean to deliberately clean the mandrel, orange stick can be used to clean the core.

Cause two primer no edge

Bottom glue is not wrapped edge, fingertips are easy to fall, a surface and nail polish will be separated, and then off.

Treatment: primer must be wrapped edge, fingertips, fingertips on both sides.

Cause three colors are not wrapped edge

The color is not wrapped edge, fingertips front is very thin, usually fingertips will wear, do not wrap, will soon be worn off.

Treatment: color to carefully wrapped edge, and the end of the plastic completely coincide.

Reason four grinding is not in place

Fingertips polished in place, polished enough, nail surface grease will lead to nail polish off; if excessive grinding, because the surface thinning, but also easy to fall off.

Treatment: a surface with a sponge sand polished end, clean cotton scrub after a no light on the surface, it shows proper grinding.