Blingbling Unique Style Nail

- Jul 04, 2017-

Like blingbling girls must also like diamond a, in the plane, or matte on the surface, dotted with sporadic or large or small stones, unique styling style, but also more feminine taste

Matte coffee frosted on the surface, dotted at the root of the sporadic white small stones and large green diamond mosaic, bright and dark contrast to the dark green diamonds add a noble temperament.

White nail polish as a background, you can use a small white diamond face a face, or the size of the white stones into their favorite shape can be.

White nail polish for the background, silver white powder from the root to do the upward scatter, or with a small grain diamond pavement the whole surface, different shapes.

Bright color of the navy blue nail polish with matte matte navy blue nail polish combined in the bright connection with a diamond to modify, so that the shape of the alternating light and shade to show high light temperament.

Black and white is the most golden color with this matte matte black and silver-white mirror a combination, and then set the size of the diamond, the depth of change, diamond decoration more points.

Matte matte black nail polish with from the root to the fingertips from the black and white diamond color gradient transformation, there are mysterious at the same time more noble.