Do You Have Problems With Nail Polish?

- Jul 04, 2017-

1. with nail polish encounter problems? How to solve it? Nail polish why not quit?

A: because the nail polish special binders on the too much, the binder can be even thin layer. (The correct amount: a hand only 0.1ml)

B: light is not enough light light or light therapy lamp lamp aging of the reason. The correct way: check the equipment, replace the problem with the lamp or light therapy machine.

C: light time is too short, a solid surface is not complete. The correct way: to ensure that each time the light time of not less than 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

D: is a face angle is not on the light, not fully illuminated. The correct way: when the light is about to put the hand, the thumb alone flat operation light.

2. Why does nail polish wrinkle?

A: The color glue is too thick.

B: light time is too short, only curing the surface layer, easy to deformation wrinkle. The correct way: to ensure that each time the light time of not less than 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

3. How can there be granules of nail polish?

A: After grinding did not use the brush to ash, in the absence of complete dust in the case there will be particles produced. The correct way: after grinding with the brush first surface dust.

B: smearing too fast, prone to bubble particles. The correct way: to control the speed and intensity of smear, to maintain a smooth. Brush in the smear must be light, so as not to produce bubbles, if the force is too large or too fast to produce bubbles, there will be like impurities like small particles; if the brush angle of 180 ° in the surface smear, is caused by particles , But also smear uneven.

C: long-term no clean bottle, the mouth of the residue was a brush into the bottle. The correct way: regular regular cleaning of the use of nail polish mouth, reduce or remove the existence of the residue.

D: In the smear, the brush or bottle was light therapy light to cause the above gel curing and then into the bottle. The correct way: When used, please open the lid of the nail polish back to the light therapy light source, to avoid easy to cure.

With nail polish encounter problems? How to solve it? Apply nail after the trailing edge to stay 0.8 mm distance, to avoid sticking to the skin to prevent easy to play on the edge.

A: from the edge of the skin is too close or near the skin from the skin near the nail polish is too thick, will lead to easy to disengage.

B: fingernail front edge to gently tighten, better prevent the nail front side.

A: clean way wrong, cleaning is not clean thoroughly. The right way: clean with a wash gel, do not wash back and forth a face, a cotton wash a nail, each nail washed twice.

B: Nail oil seal layer to wipe twice: 2 minutes under the light, the second time the envelope time needs 4 --- 6 minutes, curing hardness is insufficient. The correct way: strictly comply with the lighting time standard. The correct way: should be thin on the two layers of cover.

A: The cover is too thin to go twice. Too thin layer of hardness is not enough, easy to touch heavy objects wear.

B: with a no-clean seal. Because the no-clean seal is not elastic, it is brittle. The nail polish is also very flexible, can not be very good to keep the no-clean seal does not deformation does not crack to determine the use of removable scrubbing seal layer.

C: real too thin too soft and easy to deformation, long-term deformation of the surface prone to fatigue damage. The correct way: soft nails in the adhesive, and then on a layer of transparent plastic can be removed to increase the hardness of nails.

A: the surface of the use of non-removable hand-free seal layer, resulting in unloading water can not penetrate the nail polish. (Can be worn off the non-removable layer)

B: wrapped with tin foil nails are not tight enough, resulting in unloading water easily volatile, did not play a very good sealing effect, unloading is not clean. Correct: tin foil cut as much as possible, can be completely wrapped in nails, and to ensure that no loopholes.

C: parcel time is too short, unloading water did not completely penetrate the nail polish. The correct way: to ensure that the parcel time of not less than 5 minutes.