Know Nail!

- Jul 04, 2017-

First of all, customers enter the nail shop, certainly have their own clear goals, such as want to massage the hands and feet, relax, give nails a nice look, as a nail division, of course, willing to let these wishes of customers can be achieved, but for A qualified nail technician, not only to the customer want, but also to the customer needs. For example, many times before the customer nail, resulting in nails appear yellow, rupture, etc., generally do not recommend to do nail, nail technician can recommend some nail care. This way to protect the customer's nail health, and secondly to avoid the nail shop into a dispute, the customer's hand is the source of nail shop business, to maintain a customer is a basic sense of nail division, the face of the problem of customer hand , Nail technician should not ignore the fingertips of the problem, choose to cover, should be more rational and healthy way to treat.

In addition, the nail division in the process of customer service, to continue to give customers nail knowledge, in front of customers to establish the identity and image of the experts. Nail stores and customers, although the relationship between the transaction, but do not hold the customer's mind not to deal with the customer's mind to deal with customers, customers do not understand, but if the nail division do not understand, or understand but did not tell the customer, Then once the customer in the nail or nursing process problems, nail shop will bear all the responsibility.