Let The Gel Nail Lasting Bright Five Tips

- Jul 04, 2017-

Coated with surface armor oil

In the finished nail after about a week when the surface coated with armor oil. This allows the gel nail to reproduce the luster and protect our nails. Probably every 3-4 days need to be coated again. Even if the gel is raised, the coating surface armor oil can also play a role in inhibiting. Not only that, the surface armor oil can also prevent gel nail due to ultraviolet and cigarette color change.

It is not the surface of the gel nail special surface armor oil does not matter. Thicker may have bubbles, so a thin layer on the line. After the coating can be used to prevent the hair when the nail on the sticky stones like small decorative off.


Apply armor oil to the root of the nail, constantly massage to be absorbed. Massage can promote blood circulation and keep nails healthy. Want to gel nail lasting massage is also helpful Oh.

Armor oil with olive oil or camellia oil line. Before going to bed please apply moisturizing performance is relatively high armor oil. Apply a good hand cream and then apply nail polish moisturizing effect will be great.

Moisturizing from the daily start, nails too dry will make gel nail and nail fit to reduce, and thus become easy to fall off.

Bring rubber gloves

Do it like rubber gloves when doing something like washing or washing clothes that will encounter a lot of water. When the nails are so wet, the gel nail will be easy to tilt. Especially for nails and nails are thin people, wet nails will become very fragile, nail will be easier to fall off.

According to disposable plastic gloves, cotton gloves, rubber gloves in this order to wear gloves will be better. In addition, coated with hand cream and armor oil after, and then put on gloves, then the moisturizing effect will be promoted Oh.

Detergent contains surfactants will suck away the hands of fat, so that the nails are dry, so be sure to wear gloves.

Do not touch hot water for a long time

Prolonged exposure to hot water will make gel nail easy to fall off. Do not put the nail in the hot water when you take a bath, and if you want to wash for a long time, put your hand out of the tub.

There is not long to stay like a sauna and rock bath so hot and humid places. The gel may become soft in high temperature and fall off.

In the hot and humid place nail up, which will make the gel and nail fit degree is reduced, it is easy to fall off.

If there is a gap between the nail and the gel, the gap will be very **, which will lead to mold breeding, gel nail may become green nails.

Note the method of washing your hair

Wash your fingertips will cause great damage to the gel nail. Wash your own words to use the pulp to wash it. It is important that the fingertips are not too hard. It is best to wash with a shampoo.

In addition, with their own hands are not used to wash is also a way. Because it is not too strong, the damage to the nail will be reduced.