Nail Care To Create Healthy Nail

- Jul 04, 2017-

Nail will add a lot of charm to women, but because of the incorrect nail method led to nail fracture, festering events are frequent.

■ nail water

There have been women due to improper use of nail and water caused by nail ulcers. There is a saying that in the use of nail water, if nail water into the fingers, it is easy to cause bacterial infection. In addition, in the credibility of the store is not high to buy cheap nail water also contains bad substances and become "nail killer."

■ gel nails

Although their home can also easily produce gel nails, but because the nails are more fragile, it is easy to soften or broken. In addition, the use of armor oil to remove the gel, it will bring damage to the nail, nail health impact. More severe cases will also appear nail green symptoms, this is because the bacteria in the nail and gel between the breeding, as well as the possibility of transfer to other places.

Nail water, gel nails can make nails more beautiful, but in order to protect our nails, or need to appropriate nails "put a fake", let them get rid of nail water, gel bondage.

In addition, it is recommended to try to avoid their own nails at home, or to the nail shop to ask professionals more reliable. But also carefully choose nail shop Oh! Those nail disinfection, but off the shop or not as well.

Check the nails every day, once found, please immediately to the hospital. If you miss the best treatment time, it is likely to never grow nails, extreme and even the possibility of removal of the fingers.

For women, nails are an important part of fashion. Please use the correct care method to create beautiful nails! Let nails become your charm.