The Production And Development Of Nail

- Jul 04, 2017-

How did nail produce and develop? As early as the Tang Dynasty, China had already appeared to nail a nail. Dendritic materials usually use Impatiens. When the Impatiens flowering, take its flowers, leaves mashed add a small amount of alum, you can dip nails. Repeated dip three to five times, the color of the nails will be a few months will not disappear. Also in ancient China, the ladies also use decorative metal false nails to increase the length of nails used to show the status of honor, which we usually see when the historical drama can see, this is actually the early Chinese nail art budding. How does the specific nail produce and develop?

British Victorian advocates to maintain the nail white, indicating a kind of early life of a kind of leisurely attitude, but also from that time, nail maintenance to become a still.

And decorative nail polish is in the early 20th century come out, this is the first time the market appeared transparent nail polish, and then gradually joined the rose red and other added pigment. To red, crimson, Zhu Hong became the United States at the time of the popular color, most nail merchandise is also the main red hit.

By the middle of the twentieth century, a variety of pigments were successfully added to nail polish, leading to the real commercialization of the nail polish merchandise series. Global women regardless of the class regardless of race regardless of the beginning of the country obsessed with nail polish. Artificial acrylic nail invention, it is successful to help nail longer and strengthen the aesthetics of the nail, which played a very significant nail effect.

After the late 20s, nail beauty, art nails, crystal nails and other diversified nails into the development period, including the subsequent reproduction of the nail painting, nail completely formed a different kind of art form and trend, and constant science Flowers, environmental protection and diversification.

What is the production and development of nail? Read the above description, has been very clear it, in fact, nail is a bridge of international cultural exchanges, through the fingertip art will be broad and profound culture of the Chinese nation to the international stage; nail is silent action , Attracting countless people to join its ranks, it calls for social understanding and support, it seems like a seedling need to care and support. Nail will be its endless charm and tenacious vitality in the beauty of the industry stand out. I believe that in the near future, nail will be oriental culture and exquisite skills in the world of the industry.