The Proper Preservation Of Nail Polish

- Jul 04, 2017-

The most sad thing about the nail shopkeeper, than the product is a problem, glue, and glue in the color! If the customer to see, but also detrimental to the shop image. Therefore, we must understand the correct method of preserving the oil, to extend its service life.

Nail polish

Also known as qq glue, Barbie glue, light gel, etc., the main component is a natural resin and some color materials, in the ultraviolet light irradiation will be cured, forming a layer of film, rather than online spread of nail polish will be volatile. In general, the preservation period of nail oil is about 2 years, unopened can be saved for three years.

The reason of metamorphism

1, the cap itself is not well sealed.

2, a lot of nail technician in the nail, the bottle has been open until the finished nail, only the cap cover, nail polish exposed to the air for a long time will soon deteriorate.

3, in the course of the use, if not timely cleaning the bottle of nail polish, nail polish caused the bottle can not be completely sealed.

4, not timely clean up the bottle of nail polish residue, when used again will produce particles and lumps.

5, the different colors of nail polish mixed use.

6, with the UV light exposure time is too long, will lead to nail polish thickening, such as fluorescent, sun, light therapy machine.

Proper way to save

1, the best to buy a bottle of gum, good sealing.

2, the nail polish in a cool place, you can wrap the bottle outside the plastic wrap.

3, after use to cover the lid in time, the cap must be tightened.

4, after the use of nail polish, be sure to pay attention to the bottle clean! You can take a small piece of cotton pad dipped in less water or alcohol, repeatedly wipe the bottle, you can wipe the nail polish.

5, if the nail oil becomes viscous, you can drop one or two drops of nail polish dilution. If it is because the temperature is too low and become viscous, you can use the appropriate hot water immersion nail polish about 20 minutes, the water temperature between 50-60 degrees.

6, to avoid contact with the UV light, do not let the light therapy machine Yu light exposure to nail polish. Note that the strong fluorescent lamp is a chronic light therapy machine, so the nail polish should also avoid contact with the fluorescent light is too long.