What Is Crystal Gel Nail?

- Jul 04, 2017-

Crystal gel nail is the recent popularity of nail, with a small brush in the natural surface or artificial a surface smear. Different from the other nail is that the crystal gel nail need a special UV lamp under the solidification, will not appear dirty or dents of the situation. Its biggest selling point is that it can last for two to three weeks without fading.

If you choose the dark side of the surface, and all cover, then keep the time will be very short, the new nail after the show must reveal a clear fault, the details of the error is very embarrassing. And French nail and progressive nail and diamond nail, the color below are very close to the nail itself, grow new nails will not appear unexpected. Progressive silver and champagne are good choices Oh!

Prepare a bottle of sequins of nail polish, when the new nail grows in the nail root coated with a layer, this will form a very good effect, to help you stay a few days no problem