Why Is It Just Easy To Fall Off Nail?

- Jul 04, 2017-

Color before the steps are important !!!

Let's take a look at what should be noticed before painting?

1. It is important to go to napkin (dead skin) before making nails

If you do not remove the dry Ganpi, or in the application of nail polish when painted too much, spilled on the edge of the skin on the nail, it is easy to cause the nail polish corner of the Alice and even off!

With Ganpi push will Ganpi (dead skin) pushed up, with the Ganpi cut the extra horny pruning clean, this process is very important Oh!

2. nail surface grinding is not in place, so the adhesive is not enough primer

We will secrete a layer of grease, play the role of protecting the nail, do nail before the use of alcohol to this layer of grease erase, erase, we have to use "sponge down" polished look, so that the surface rough, Suitable for the attachment of the primer. Polished to be uniform, polished not in place, then easy from the local Alice or even the whole film off.

Grinding time to be careful when the edge of the corner should also be grinding, sponge recommended the use of Hayes A dressing (orange) tools and Hayes nail polished sets of sets (pictured) can, sponge surface Gravel is more delicate, relatively thin nails on the MM, with this than the ordinary fall more moderate Oh, pay attention to the direction of the direction of nails to nail to operate!

3. After the surface grinding, the remaining part of the dust clean and clean

After grinding a good nail, the surface will be part of the residual dust, then we use clean sweep sweep a clean, or scrub with alcohol, do not use fingers and oily substances to touch!

Clean the surface when the scrub with alcohol, scrub to a little fan after a fan, so that the surface of the liquid evaporated.

We started to paint the color carefully

Continue to look at the color should pay attention to what?

1. painted on the edge of the nail painted, nails do not wrap

2. Take too much smear too thick, wrinkle, shrink glue

3. When painted, do not accidentally touch the object with grease

And finally coated with a seal on it, scrub the cover layer with a Heisi cleaning bag or cleaning gel scrub nail surface, in order to remove the surface oil Oh, do not use armor or unloading armor to scrub, that will affect the gloss , Must use a dedicated cleaning products